Forest Holidays gets children back to nature and outdoor play

Thousands of children experience a Forest Holiday, giving them the opportunity to explore nature and learn about the forest and its wildlife.

Forest Holidays gets children back to nature and outdoor play

As access to technology amongst children increases, the hours they spend playing outside is diminishing. Add to that the growing urbanisation of our population and it is easy to see why children are losing touch with nature and doing less and less exercise. Many academics and specialists view this as a worrying trend which is depriving our children of one of the essential ingredients for their wellbeing and social development.

The thousands of children who experience a Forest Holiday are given the opportunity to explore nature, learn about the forest and its wildlife and enjoy the outdoor freedom that many adults took for granted when they were children.

Surveys prove that children are spending less time than ever playing outside

Experts confirm that outdoor play is essential to the wellbeing and education of children

  • Apart from the fact that it’s fun, the proven benefits of outdoor play include:
    • Reduced stress and depression
    • Improved physical health
    • Improved social and personal skills
    • Development of creativity and cognitive skills
    • The opportunity to take calculated risks (YouTube: Adventurous play is good for children)
  • Children who spend time learning in a natural environment also “perform better in reading, mathematics, science and social studies.” (Rewild the Child)
  • Society is starting to realise the risks that this separation from our natural environment poses to our children’s health and happiness.” -The Wildlife Trusts

Forest Holidays open up a world of outdoor play for children

  • Thousands of children every month enjoy the researched benefits of outdoor play on a Forest Holiday and this will increase as the number of our locations increase.
  • Our Forest Rangers bring the forest to life for children during their programme of outdoor activities at our locations which involve discovering animal tracks, building dens, searching for mini-beasts and learning about the forest and its wildlife. (YouTube: Advice from our Forest Ranger)
  • Forest Holidays works closely with the Forestry Commission to promote outdoor learning opportunities that can be found across the whole Forestry Commission estate, UK-wide.
  • Many guests tell us that children carry their new found enthusiasm for nature back home with them, leading to an increased interest in outdoor play.

There’s a win-win here. Children enjoy and want to find out more about the natural world and their experiences of the natural world are determined by adults and we can either give them those opportunities or not but if we do, we know that good things happen.

– Tim Gill, Independent Researcher, Rethinking Childhood