95.8% of our guests say they would return

As our results, reviews and awards show, and as 95.8% of our guests clearly agree, we consistently deliver outstanding holidays.

As our results, reviews and awards show, and as 95.8% of our guests clearly agree, we consistently deliver outstanding holidays.

This is important because we contribute annually towards the upkeep of the nation’s forests. As a successful tourism company offering a unique holiday experience, we are part of a vision for how the Forestry Commission can become more financially self-sufficient through aligned partnerships.

Our research shows we provide a holiday experience our guests love

  • We measure customer satisfaction through an independent monthly survey of a sample of our guests. That’s how we know that 95.8% of our guests say they would return.
  • Another indicator of success is our Net Promoter Score. This is a measure of how likely our customers are to recommend us. Our Net Promoter Score of 79.8 is unprecedented in the hospitality industry, where even good scores are generally nearer to 30. In fact, we score higher than many top global companies.
  • The top reason our guests cite for choosing a Forest Holiday is the opportunity to relax in a natural environment: they don’t want the more entertainment-based options in the UK marketplace, they want instead to relax in a hot tub under the trees, go for forest walks, and explore and appreciate the local area.
  • Our holidays are fully aligned with the aims of the growing Slow Tourism approach.

We win awards and accreditations

  • We have Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence at almost all our locations, which shows that we have consistently good reviews from staying guests.
  • All our locations have Green Leaders awards on Tripadvisor and also have Gold or Silver awards from the Green Tourism Business Scheme. This demonstrates that we have put into action a wide range of eco-friendly practices.
  • Our green agenda connects with our guests, who are increasingly looking for eco-friendly holiday choices.
  • Our individual locations win many regional awards for tourism, sustainability and rural enterprise.

Why our achievements matter

  • Our winning achievements show we are a successful, sustainable holiday company with strong brand loyalty, proving that our partnership model works.
  • Our holidays are popular and we can be confident that, given the opportunity to grow, we can guarantee an increasing income for the Forestry Commission to keep the forests open for everyone.
  • We bring valuable tourism spend all year to rural areas, which is in line with the government’s policy to spread tourism across the UK. Guests become ambassadors for our holidays and for the region.
  • We attract guests who are here to relax, enjoy nature and visit the local area.
  • We play our own small part in spreading the word and building understanding about the Public Forest Estate and the role of the Forestry Commission.

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This is our 2nd visit to this amazing place…We loved our 2nd break so much we have booked our 3rd before leaving.

– Tripadvisor reviewer, Ardgartan Argyll