Our guests spend £18m a year with local businesses

Our ethos is slow tourism, encouraging guests to relax and enjoy simple pleasures, shopping in the local area and visiting nearby attractions.

Good for business

All our locations are an integral part of their local community – they are not fenced off and it is our policy to actively encourage our guests to go out and explore. We forge links with our communities and support local initiatives. We buy goods and services from local businesses and we recommend those businesses to our guests. The locations remain part of the Public Forest Estate with full public access and, of course, our guests are all members of the public.

Our ethos is one of slow tourism, encouraging guests to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures on our doorstep. They shop in the area, visit nearby attractions and use local services, spending a total of £18 million every year. This is over and above what they spend with Forest Holidays.

£18m per year equates to an average of over £30,000 per cabin

  • We actively encourage our guests to explore neighbouring attractions, recommending places to visit and local activities. We help guests make bookings for these where required and we also promote local events, fundraising activities and festivals.
  • Our guests are self-catering and we direct them to butchers, bakers, shops and boutiques, takeaways, pubs and restaurants. (YouTube: Local Blackwood Pub sings Forest Holidays’ praises)
  • Understandably, our guests expect some onsite facilities and we have a small shop and café offering limited ranges of food, drinks and gifts – many of which are sourced locally.
  • The majority of our guests enjoy drinking and eating out in neighbouring towns and villages during their stay.

We bring people into the area all year round

  • Unlike many other accommodation offers across the UK, we are open every day of the year; we have a 90% occupancy rate all year and not just in the typical UK holiday peaks.
  • We recommend and support local businesses 12 months of the year and our guests bring all-year income to the local economy, visiting attractions and using shops, pubs and restaurants.
  • Our local suppliers also benefit from year-round orders from us, helping them to maintain a steady cash flow.
  • We use marketing media to promote visits to our locations at times that coincide with local events and festivals, as we know that these appeal to our guests. We promote other great reasons to visit the area at different times of the year. (Forestipedia)

We are part of your community

  • We actively support a local charity every year in each of our locations as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Our staff and guests participate in fund raising events and activities for the charity throughout the year.
  • We work in partnership with business groups and local Chambers of Commerce, supporting the growth and development of the rural economy. (YouTube: Why partnership matters, Amby Tatla, General Manager)
  • We buy from local suppliers for our Forest Retreat shops, generating sales and providing a showcase for many small businesses and artisans. (YouTube: Forest Holidays offers a showcase for local communities)
  • We forge partnerships with local activity providers, where possible taking direct bookings for them on our guests’ behalf.
  • We work with community groups and councils to contribute positively to life in the area. (YouTube: How Forest Holidays fits into local communities)

It’s a nice place, it’s well maintained, it’s well looked after and I think that if Forest Holidays was considering opening new sites in whatever area it may be, they should come and visit existing sites and see for themselves because there’s not a lot to worry about.

– David Maguire, Councillor, Kings Clipstone Parish Council

We’re looking very much to the tourism and visitor economy to sustain many of our small businesses and create jobs but within an environment that has to be sustainable.

– Cllr. John Peck, Nottinghamshire County Council