We manage and enhance forest biodiversity & sustainability with the help of experts

We are one of over 80 recreational businesses that operate on the Public Forest Estate, providing an income stream for the Forestry Commission.

Sustaining the natural environment

The Forestry Commission manages and maintains the nation’s publicly owned woodlands (the Public Forest Estate). To do this it needs funds and Forest Holidays is one of over 80 recreational businesses that operate on the Public Forest Estate, providing an income stream for the Forestry Commission. This arrangement of public and private co-operation allows the Forestry Commission to generate funds without being diverted from its core focus.

The long term aim of the Forestry Commission is to sustain the natural environment, support the economy and provide recreation for all in the forest. Our partnership works because we share a set of values that aims to sustain, improve and expand our woodlands now and for generations to come.

We help to fund the Forestry Commission’s forest management projects

  • Our locations are situated on Forestry Commission land for which we pay rent. The rent we pay is per cabin and the figure is index-linked so will rise in line with inflation. This arrangement gives the Forestry Commission security over the long term.
  • The Forestry Commission is also a shareholder in Forest Holidays, so it shares in the value we create by growing our business.
  • We have a long term agreement with the Forestry Commission which allows them and us to plan for the future. As part of the agreement public access to the forest is guaranteed.

We work in partnership with the Forestry Commission

  • Many of the woodlands that we all enjoy across the UK only thrive through careful management. By contributing financially we support the Forestry Commission to carry out this vital work.
  • We also provide funds which enable the Forestry Commission to create facilities such as visitor centres, Gruffalo trails and biking and walking routes, making the national forests accessible and enjoyable for all.
  • Private investment has supported our growth as a business, allowing us to continue to increase the money and value we generate each year for the benefit of the Forestry Commission.

We are aligned with the Forestry Commission’s mission

  • Forest Holidays and the Forestry Commission are committed to ensuring that the Public Forest Estate contributes to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the country.
  • The importance of protecting and respecting the forest and its wildlife for the long term is enshrined in our company values.
  • We are proud to be profitable, but not at any cost. (YouTube: The forest is at our heart)

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Sustainable this and sustainable that seems to be on every company’s website. It’s absolutely at the backbone of everything that we do. Without sustainable forests we have no business, we have no Forest Holidays so we don’t just talk about the environment as a ‘nice to have’, a proper, thriving well managed forest estate is vital to the growth and development of our business and absolutely vital to our customers satisfaction that we bring them to places like this. If we don’t protect the environment and the Public Forest Estate isn’t managed properly Forest Holidays will have no future so it isn’t a nice to have, it’s an imperative.

– Bruce McKendrick, CEO, Forest Holidays

If it works for Forest Holidays and it works for the Forestry Commission, then it’s going to work for the forest as well and I think that’s the equation that we are making work.

– Simon Hodgson, Chief Executive, Forest Enterprise England