We contribute towards sustaining the UK’s forests

The forest and its long term future is at the heart of our ethos as a company.

Supporting Britain’s forests

As one of the forest businesses that help to fund the work of the Forestry Commission, we support them in their vision of managing the forests for recreation, conservation and commercial sustainability and we help to ensure that our publically owned forests remain publically owned.

Our partnership with the Forestry Commission goes far beyond commercial considerations. Our locations are all situated within the Public Forest Estate and we work closely with the Forestry Commission to manage and enhance the natural environment around us.

Protecting the forest now and for the future

  • We are one of over 80 recreational forest businesses providing essential income for the Forestry Commission
  • Our locations cover just 0.063% of the Public Forest Estate and remain open to the public
  • Our cabins are designed, built and located in harmony with the forest
  • We blend into our forest settings with a light touch approach, low lighting and a small central reception, café and shop
  • We work with the Forestry Commission, wildlife charities and other experts to enhance, and preserve the forest around our locations

The forest and its long term future is at the heart of our ethos as a company. Alongside our working relationship with the Forestry Commission, we have strong links with many wildlife organisations and charities. These bodies help us to ensure that we can care for and encourage the wildlife that we share our forest home with.