Keeping our forests open to all members of the public

We occupy just a small part of the woodland in each location, there is no boundary or fence between the cabins and the larger forest.

We preserve public access to the forest

We don’t have a surrounding fence or boundary at any of our locations. The forest area we occupy is entirely open for local people to continue to enjoy.

Each Forest Holidays location has a number of cabins carefully positioned within the Forestry Commission woodland. In addition to the cabins there is a reception hub, called the Forest Retreat, which also sells food, drinks and gifts.

It often feels like we have the place to ourselves. It’s all very well dispersed throughout the forest so it’s easy to find peace and quiet. Walking along the trails you bump into the odd dog walker, the odd cyclist, so it’s unclear really who is staying here and who is a local resident just staying here and enjoying the wood.

– Lucy Cousens, local resident near Blackwood Forest

Our cabins are located in a small section of the overall forest area

  • We occupy just a small part of the overall woodland in each location and there is no boundary or fence between the area where our cabins are situated and the larger forest.
  • A typical Forest Holidays location consists of cabins with one to five bedrooms which are carefully positioned in the woodland setting. There is a central Forest Retreat which is approximately 250m², a small maintenance compound and up to three one to three bedroom accommodation units for staff.
  • The forest is a living, managed woodland and you will occasionally find sections temporarily closed when the Forestry Commission is carrying out its essential forest management work.

The forest remains open to the public – not just staying guests

  • There is no fence or boundary surrounding our locations.
  • The woodland is CROW (Countryside and Rights of Way Act) dedicated which means that we maintain open access to the public.
  • The footpaths and tracks are open for people to enjoy on foot or on bike.

We make improvements to the woodland

  • When we open a new location we invest significantly in enhancing the woodland by improving the habitats and the landscape.
  • We improve and enhance walking and bike trails, bringing benefits for all users of the forest.
  • Flora and fauna is carefully monitored and we work together with foresters, ecologists and landscape architects to develop habitats for existing species and to encourage the return of threatened species.
  • We create rides and meadows, coppice hazel for dormice, fit bat and bird boxes, create ‘bug hotels’ and implement many other initiatives.

We value our relationship with the local community

  • When we consider a new location, we consult extensively. We listen carefully and seek to understand and address the views and needs of local people.
  • We employ people from the local area, we build links with local business and community groups and we use local suppliers for food, drink, crafts and various services.
  • At every location, we see ourselves as part of the community. Our location teams are friendly, welcoming and always ready to share their local knowledge.
  • We buy from local suppliers for our small Forest Retreat shops, generating sales and providing a showcase for many small businesses and artisans.
  • We have many links to community groups and organisations and often work together on projects.