We source products from and contract with many local businesses

We go to great lengths to buy food, drink, flowers, crafts and other items from suppliers based near to our cabin locations.

For our guests, discovering and sampling regional specialities is part of their holiday experience. For us, buying locally cements our relationship with the community around us and it makes each of our locations unique. For our suppliers, it means steady all year trade and an opportunity to showcase their goods and services to a wider audience.

We go to great lengths to buy food, drink, flowers, crafts and other items from suppliers based near to our cabin locations and we recommend these suppliers to our guests for their self-catering provisions. We also use local contractors and tradespeople onsite and we forge partnerships with local activity providers.

We buy a range of local produce and services

  • We buy all the sausages and bacon for our café and shop from nearby butchers, many of whom have won awards.
  • We partner with local dairies if we can, for our milk, cheese and cream. We always look for a local ice cream supplier too, as this is one of the holiday treats our guests love. (YouTube: Forest Holidays supports local dairies)
  • We stock regional beers and ciders including award winning ales from Cropton Brewery at Cropton and Keldy and world medal ciders from Gwynt y Ddraig at the Forest of Dean.
  • We always use local suppliers to provide our guests with everything from in-cabin spa treatments to birthday cakes and flowers. We also showcase local crafts and gifts which are sought after as take home items by our guests.
  • We award contracts to local suppliers for cabin maintenance such as painting, carpentry and other trades and we use the services of local agriculturalists and ecology experts.
  • We have partnerships locally with activity providers, including horse riding, falconry, archery and many more.

Why we prefer to buy local goods and services

  • We could purchase all goods and services centrally but that would be at odds with our values and ethos. We are rooted in the communities in which we are located.
  • We reflect the individuality of the region in our Forest Retreat shop because it is what our guests expect and enjoy. (YouTube: Forest Holidays works hard to ensure benefits stay in local communities)
  • Local supply also fits with our endeavours to be eco-friendly, by keeping our food miles low.

What are the benefits for local suppliers?

  • We are a year-round holiday choice so we can bring a level of stability and security to small businesses by giving them a regular supply chain. Whilst our orders are not huge, they are significant – our guests like their holiday treats!
  • We provide a showcase for local goods in our Forest Retreat shop and our guests can become purchasers locally and ambassadors further afield. (YouTube: Forest Holidays guests value locally sourced produce)
  • Trusted tradespeople and contractors can expect regular work as maintaining our cabins and the environment around them is an ongoing, year-round job.
  • We are always looking for new suppliers who can provide quality regional food and drink or something special for our guests. We invite you to contact us if you feel you have something to offer. (YouTube:Forest Holidays seeks local suppliers)

With Forest Holidays, there’s people there every week, 52 weeks of the year, it’s guaranteed that they come and buy my products every week off me and when people are going home, they will come and buy products but there’s potential of over 200 people there each week, if not more and it’s a growing company as well, which I’m pleased to be part of.

– Gary Locke, Butcher, Edwinstowe