We employ 600 local people in rural areas across the country

We look for enthusiastic and motivated people and we reward them with good rates of pay and opportunities for career progression.

We recruit from the immediate area at each of our locations, offering a range of job opportunities. We look for enthusiastic and motivated people and we reward them with good rates of pay and opportunities for career progression. We also use the services of local businesses and tradespeople.

As a tourism business, we benefit from employing local people who know and love their area. They act as ambassadors for the region and recommend local attractions and businesses to our guests.

We offer a diverse range of local job opportunities

  • We currently employ nearly 600 people in a variety of positions across our UK locations. Team sizes vary depending on the size of the location but equate to roughly one job per cabin built.
  • At our support centre in Moira, Derbyshire we have a mainly locally employed team of 70.
  • On-location positions include managers, team leaders, Forest Rangers, housekeeping, crew members in our Forest Retreat shop and crew members to manage our daily onsite maintenance. Our careers website explains the opportunities that we offer.
  • Working in the forest is a unique experience and brings a high level of job satisfaction. For example, our Forest Rangers are passionate about nature and love spending their days outdoors sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with guests.

We invest in our people, providing training and career progression

  • We have a series of internal training programmes which support career progression, including NVQ courses, our Management Development Programme and our Leadership Development Programme.
  • We employ, and are keen to encourage, more apprentices with the right attitude and aptitude to build a career with us, both at our Moira head office and at our locations. Our apprentices are paid well, as they are expected to do a “real job” in addition to their formal training. They gain transferable professional and life skills.
  • We also provide local university students with placement opportunities throughout the course of their studies, as well as additional work during their holidays.
  • Take a look at some of the career journeys that members of the Forest Holidays team have taken.

We contract a wide range of local tradespeople and experts

  • In addition to the people we employ directly, we contract with local 3rd party specialists to support our locations operationally on an ad hoc basis.
  • These contractors include maintenance people, painters, plumbers, builders and other tradespeople.
  • We also use the services of local ecologists, arboriculturists and other experts.

We value the benefits that our local teams bring to our business

  • Our guests stay with us to experience the unique offer of a Forest Holiday in a particular area and they value getting to know the locality. Our local team members are great ambassadors for the area and have knowledge and advice which is invaluable to our guests.
  • Our teams are also great ambassadors for Forest Holidays, with 94% saying they would recommend their Forest Holidays location as a great place to take a holiday.
  • We aim to offer proper local jobs so that people can afford to live in the area they are from: we pay above the minimum wage and we offer career progression within a location.

Forest Holidays Careers website

If you are truly passionate about customer service, love the outdoors and want a genuinely different career, you’re looking in the right place.

Forest Holidays have invested in my development and have given me the skills and confidence to deal with difficult situations and taking ownership to resolve problems. They have also inspired me to develop even further by including me within the management development programme.

– Mike Edens, Maintenance Team Leader, Blackwood Forest

I have worked at Forest Holidays, Ardgartan Argyll, for almost two years now – starting as support crew looking after hot tubs and maintenance mainly. I applied for the position of Operations Manager in March this year, when the vacancy came up, and was given the opportunity to prove myself in the role. The support received from my managers and directors was amazing and, nine months on, I am enjoying every moment. What I like best is being outdoors, delighting our guests and managing a team of highly dedicated team members.

– Iain McMullan, Operations Manager, Ardgartan Argyll

When I joined Forest Holidays at Deerpark I felt like I’d come home. I love everything about Forest Holidays and Deerpark. I’d been a manager before and I wanted to take a step back, they respected that. I took on other responsibilities, like for Health and Safety, and now I feel ready to take on a team leader role. We love what we do and that comes across.

– Jenny Morris, Support Crew, Deerpark