Forest Holidays today

A growing company, flexible, friendly and true to our values.

Our purpose

Every member of our team is driven by our common purpose. This is the meaning our work gives to us above and beyond the work itself.

Our values

Underpinning our purpose is a set of values that we all share. These values include how we behave towards each other, towards our guests and towards our neighbours. They also encompass our sense of responsibility for managing our forests for today and for tomorrow.

Meet the team

We employ nearly 600 people across our locations and at our support centre. Our leadership team have a wealth of experience, providing the direction and encouragement that’s needed to fulfil our purpose.

Key facts

Did you know that every Forest Holidays location has a dedicated Forest Ranger who leads a range of outdoor activities? This is just one of the nuggets you will find on our Key Facts page, which we have put together for journalists, bloggers and anyone who may be interested in learning more about us.