Our corporate social responsibility

Managing our business so that it impacts positively on those who come into contact with us.

Our approach

At Forest Holidays we believe we have a responsibility to manage our business so that it impacts positively on those who come into contact with us. This principle is called corporate responsibility and is common to all good companies. For us it is encapsulated in our purpose, mission, vision and values, but what does it look like in practice?

For Forest Holidays, Corporate Social Responsibility is central to everything we do. This means planning and building new locations in a way that is both environmentally friendly and that makes a positive contribution to the local area. It also means supporting the conservation and enhancement of our forests, promoting British tourism and contributing to the wellbeing of our guests and our visitors.

Planning and building new locations

Every new location we plan takes many years to come to fruition. A planning application only goes in after we have carried out many studies, looking at everything from wildlife habitats to highway planning.

Supporting forests

We help to enable the public ownership of our forests under the stewardship of the Forestry Commission. We work with experts to help us manage and enhance forest biodiversity and we design and build our cabins to sit in harmony with the forest.

Supporting communities

The communities around our locations are important to us and our vision is that we are positively welcomed by our neighbours because we create employment, bring economic benefits and actively contribute to community life.

Supporting local tourism

Our locations are situated across the UK, often away from the traditional tourist hotspots, allowing us to promote some of the most beautiful but relatively undiscovered corners of our country. We aim to promote a new kind of sustainable, or slow, tourism to our guests which will benefit everyone.